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The coalition convenes "Action Teams" in select focus areas to plan and implement recommended strategies to improve health. These Teams are made up of leaders from many sectors in our community. Most of the teams meet monthly and work on large, collaborative health improvement projects. These projects are bigger than any one organization could do alone, and often focus on big-picture policy or system changes. Staff support for the coalition is provided by the Unified Government Health Department and the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County. 

+ Food Systems (Archive)

The Food Systems Action Team (FSAT) no longer convenes. We have retained an archive of information and resources about creating a healthier Wyandotte County food environment. For questions, contact:
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+ Infrastructure (IAT)

The mission of the Infrastructure Action Team (IAT) is to build, redesign, and better utilize Wyandotte County's environmental infrastructure to provide opportunities for healthy and active living.
Coordinator: Janell Friesen,
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+ Policy

Healthy Communities Wyandotte recognizes that many, if not most determinants of health are related to policies created at the federal, state, and local level. Policy change is needed to create the conditions in which our community can thrive and HCW cannot ignore the need to advocate for positive health policy. The HCW Policy Committee was created to fill this gap and create one cohesive policy agenda for the entire coalition.

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+ Tobacco Free Wyandotte (TFW)

WyCo has one of the highest rates of tobacco use in Kansas which is a major factor in our poor health outcomes. The Tobacco Free Wyandotte Action Team (TFW) seeks to pull together partners and residents to work together to improve access to resources that help people quit tobacco, prevent youth from starting to use tobacco, protect residents from secondhand smoke, and ensure support for populations that are targeted by tobacco companies.

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