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Wyandotte County needs influential organizations, businesses, and individuals like you to make outdoor public and recreational spaces safe for everyone in our community!

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Why PTF? 

Wyandotte County has one of the highest rates of tobacco use in Kansas. Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW) is working strategically and urgently to encourage Wyandotte County residents to quit using tobacco and prevent youth addiction. Play Tobacco Free (PTF) is a campaign to reduce the public’s exposure to second hand smoke in outdoor spaces and to discourage tobacco use in places where children play and gather.  

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Are you a family searching for a space to hang out that is tobacco-free? We've got you covered!

Click below to find information about all of our PTF partners and don't forget to congratulate them on joining the movement  to keep WyCo recreational spaces safe and healthy!  

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Is your organization ready to step up to the plate? 

Joining the PTF team is simple. Start by filling out this form and creating a tobacco-free outdoor space policy. Then you add free PTF signage to your property and show off your participation. Click below to get started. 


+ What are PTF's Goals?

PTF has three goals:

  1. Protect children and adults from second hand smoke.
  2. Prevent youth from starting tobacco use.
  3. Reduce tobacco litter

You can learn more about our goals and how PTF impacts the larger fight against Big Tobacco here.

+ Who is eligible to become a PTF partner?

If you have outdoor recreational space, facilitate youth or adult sports, have youth programming, or offer spaces for the public and families to congregate, you are eligible to apply. Whether you are a faith-based organization or a private worksite, we want you to be a Play Tobacco Free Partner!

Learn about our current partners here

+ What do PTF partners do?

  • All PTF partners implement an outdoor tobacco-free campus policy within one year.
  • After the outdoor tobacco-free policy is confirmed, HCW provides the organization with PTF signage to display as appropriate.
  • Then it's time to celebrate! HCW promotes PTF Partner organizations as champions for the WyCo Community and health. They will become models in our community for creating safe and healthy spaces for our residents.

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+ How does HCW help?

Healthy Communities Wyandotte will provide technical assistance to any Play Tobacco Free Partner. This includes:

  • FREE Play Tobacco signage and/or banners
  • Policy language examples and best practices
  • Worksite wellness best practices and resources in partnership with WorkWell Wyandotte. Find out more about WorkWell Wyandotte here.
  • Training for staff and managers

+ What else is going on in the community to address tobacco use?

Since 2015, Healthy Communities Wyandotte has been working with community partners and advocates to organize a response to the disproportionately high tobacco use rates in Wyandotte County. The Tobacco Free Wyandotte Team, or TFW, has worked on initatives like Tobacco 21 and increasing access to cessation medications. Priorities include making it easier for people to get help quitting, preventing youth from ever becoming addicted, creating more smoke-free spaces, and addressing disparities in tobacco use.

TFW and all of Healthy Communities Wyandotte believes that every WyCo resident deserves to live a long and healthy life, which includes having a chance to both be free from tobacco addiction and exposure to secondhand smoke. We hope you will join us in creating a healthier Wyandotte County.

Learn more about TFW's work here or on the HCW Facebook page.

+ Do you have resources to help people quit?

You bet! Check out our "Quit Now" page to find a comprehensive list of free resources available to WyCo residents who want help quitting.


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