Infrastructure Action Team

The mission of the Infrastructure Action Team (IAT) is to build, redesign, and better utilize Wyandotte County's environmental infrastructure to provide opportunities for healthy and active living. Environmental infrastructure includes anything from sidewalks and trails to parks and community centers. The team promotes county-wide healthy policies and plans, and works with existing organizations to increase their focus on healthy living.

Meetings: The 2nd Thursday of the month from 1:00-2:30 at the Community Health Council, 803 Armstrong Ave, KCK 66101, unless notified otherwise. To receive emails about the IAT, contact the IAT Coordinator.

Trails. Sidewalks. Bikeways. PArks.


Projects supported by the IAT

Safe Routes to School

20/20/20 Movement

Healthy Parks Initiative

Promoting walking, bicycling, taking transit, or carpooling to school.


Wyandotte Levee Trails

Open up walking/biking trails along the Kansas and Missouri rivers for KCK residents and visitors to enjoy. Promote activities to bring people out to the 1.3 mile stretch of the Armourdale Levee Trail that is currently open.

Goal: 20 new miles of trails, 20 miles of bikeways, and 20 miles of sidewalks by 2020.

Aims to make parks places of healthy activity through improvements to both infrastructure and programming. Developed through a partnership among KU’s Dotte Agency, HCW, local NBRs, and other local parks advocates.


Healthy Communities Corridor

Promoting healthy infrastructure improvements and healthy living, with emphasis on safe routes to parks. Centered around the 10th/12th street corridor. Championed by UG Parks & Recreation and done as a collaboration among numerous local partners, including HCW.