Hens in WyCo

Some resources for making your adventures in home hen keeping easy, safe, and fun for you and your hens.

In the Fall of 2016, Wyandotte County updated the ordinances regarding hen keeping in residential neighborhoods. Now the ordinance only requires that the space for your hens be at least 25 ft away from other people's buildings, and must be 10 ft or more from your own property lines. You now get your permit through animal control, the initial permit costs $12, and annual renewal after that is free, but must keep information, like current address, up to date. 

You may have up to 6 hens, roosters are still not allowed. 

You can read the whole updated ordinance here:



We've collected some resources to help you get started or just learn more about hen keeping, but you can talk with someone at your local farm supply store, or do a quick internet search of your own to learn more.

Hen Maintenance

Getting Started


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