Food Systems Action Team

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The mission of the Food Systems Action Team (FSAT) is to improve Wyandotte County's food environment so that all residents can and want to eat healthy food.

The scope of the team's work covers many aspects of the food system. Changing zoning ordinances to allow more urban farming; encouraging the Unified Government to serve healthy food in buildings and at events; helping schools start gardens to give students first hand experience of the journey food takes from the garden to their plate. And opportunities abound for partnerships to educate residents about cooking and eating healthy food. The FSAT seeks to improve the food system in Wyandotte County, until its goal of food equity is achieved.


Current Initiatives


It is now easier to keep hens at home! Click here to learn more about how best to keep your new feathered best friends happy, healthy, and safe.


We hired consultants to take stock of the Wyandotte County food system and give us a series of recommendations to make it more equitable for everyone. 

The H2O to Grow fund provides financial and technical assistance to community gardens that wish to have direct access to water on site. 


The FSAT knows how important reducing food waste is to not only prevent climate change, but also to feed people in need. We are working hard to put good food to good use feeding people and keeping it out of the landfill. 


Hunger doesn't take the summer off, and neither do we. Click here to learn more about where you can find free meals all summer long!

Support our local Farmers Markets!