FREE Medicine to help you quit

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Offer ends July 2017!

We know Quitting is difficult - almost impossible - but if you are ready to be free from tobacco, you can receive a FREE 2-week starter-pack of Nicotine Replacement Therapy from the Kansas Quitline mailed straight to your door!

Don't miss out - this offer is only available to Wyandotte County residents while supplies last!

Medications like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Gum, Patches, Lozenges) can DOUBLE your chances of staying quit. Start your tobacco-free life today. 

Call 1-800-quit-now (784-8669)

To get your free medication, just call the Kansas Quitline and tell them that you are a Wyandotte County resident. 

Want more resources? Check out out our information below!

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Need a pick-me-up?

We know that breaking up with tobacco is difficult. So when you need a pick-me-up to get you through your cravings, check out our free playlist. 

Do you want even more free resources?

Did you know that most insurance benefits include cessation medications? Are you interested in other community programs where you can get free help quitting?

Click the "Quit Now" button to learn about other community programs. 

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