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Check out the completed Wyandotte County Community Health Improvement Plan!

A broad array of community partners have come together to create and commit to implementing a plan to improve the health of Wyandotte County over the next five years. Click the button below to see the full plan!

Read the Wyandotte County Community Health Assessment (the basis for the CHIP strategies)

Get a quick overview with the executive summary (left), get a more detailed look with the abridged version (below), or see the entire CHA with the full version (below).

Wyandotte County launched a community health planning process in October 2016. The first part of this process - the "CHA" provided information about what is happening right now in our community and what residents believe are the biggest health concerns in our community. Using this information, community partners collaborated to create a "CHIP," which is a 5-year plan that defines community health improvement goals specifically for our population and our needs. The final CHIP report was published September 2018, and the plan implementation will run through 2023.


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