Communications Action Team

The mission of the Communication Action Team (CAT) is to create a healthier Wyandotte County by sharing information and stimulating discussion to change behavior.

In line with that mission, the CAT has launched the Wyandotte Health Newsroom to keep our local community informed of significant health-related stories. The Wyandotte Health Newsroom works like this: Each month, CAT members and other health leaders gather to pitch significant health news stories. The members use a democratic process to select and rank which stories to publish. They then agree to distribute those stories to the networks of HCW’s many partner organizations.  Stories for the Newsroom can be submitted for consideration in advance of the monthly meeting.

Over time, we envision a process that will be driven by members of the Newsroom community—not by Healthy Communities Wyandotte. 

If you would like to join the Newsroom, send an email to